Designed and Made in Aotearoa New Zealand.

Welcome to my website.

Here you will find a selection of the products I make.

Every piece is hand screen printed by me and is created from my own original artwork.
I hand draw with pencil and paper and then develop the illustration into a screen print image.

As subject matter for my designs I like to focus on New Zealand's native birds, flora and fauna, as they have such an understated beauty.
I feel for me, to create authentic work it has to come from my world,
Aotearoa New Zealand.
We have such amazing nature here it just seems right to share my love of it.

On another level, I hope by bringing imagery of native NZ into people's everyday lives creates an awareness and a sense of value and appreciation of what is around us all the time, but often overlooked.

I am committed to making in New Zealand and minimizing environmental impact.
I use only water based textile inks, natural fabrics and recycled paper.
I also use reclaimed fabrics when possible.


Melina Martin.

Where you can buy my work;

Auckland area;

The Garden Party.
Pah Gallery shop.
Kura Gallery.

Wellington area;

Made it.
Ora Gallery.

South Island;

Originz Wanaka.
Crafty Banker Dunedin.

Please get in touch if you would like to stock my products.

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